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About the project

This is an example of Participatory Geography in action. All the content on these pages has been written by Year 8 students with no adult assistance.

The planning applications encourage members of the local community to think a little more about their town; they expose student’s concerns, their affection for certain buildings and the way they think about place and space. Many of the ideas poke a little fun – some are obviously surreal, others are a little more serious. The project has proved quite controversial and there were a few complaints! The students held some memorable dialogues with local people and we are grateful for the support of the local police on the day who turned a blind eye to our activities.

Imagine Wellington without the Wellesley Cinema or the Museum. Why would a young person want to convert a pub into a bouncy castle? Why do young people have to travel some distance to go Sixth form? Do farmers really need to train their goats? Would fast food resturants be welcome in place of independent cafes?

We welcome comments from local people and anyone with an interest in this kind of geographical investigation.

Finally, a special mesage to the Nat West… we’re sorry you thought you really were being converted into a reptile house. It could never happen – could it?  😉

Noel Jenkins

May 2011

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  1. Sal / May 12 2011 4:12 pm

    I have really enjoyed spotting these notices around the town and am really impressed with the ideas, imagination and humour of the students. Congratulations to everyone! Brilliant!

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