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May 10, 2011 / admin

Nat West Bank

We are proposing to change NatWest, Fore Street, into ‘Wellington reptile house’. The reptile house will be funded by Amphibian.Inc; and NatWest plan to be moving to Swansea. Sorry for any inconvenience.

“We have contacted our security department”

May 10, 2011 / admin

Sportsmans Arms

We are planning on changing the Sportsman’s Arms on Station Road into Gamestation,
And the reason for this is because people have to travel to Taunton or other places to buy games or a games console.

May 10, 2011 / admin

The Wellesley

The Wellesley Cinema into a 9 screen multiplex.

We intend to do this because The Wellesley Cinema can only show one film at a time and one film only stays for about a week.

If we change it into a multiplex they will be able to show film for a number of weeks.

When the multiplex is finished and open, Wellington will become a much more popular place.

The best loved building in town?

May 10, 2011 / admin

The Monument

The Monument is being knocked down because it’s falling down and it is a dangerous hazard. It will be replaced with a new and safe Monument that you will be able to go in. It will be made of stone but painted multi-coloured.

Health and safety?

May 10, 2011 / admin

The Chocolate Box

Our proposal is to turn The Chocolate Box into a KFC. The reason for this is because Wellington does not have a fast food takeaway and we have a lot of cafes. I f you disagree with this please tell us on our website.

Do you take your local independent shops for granted?

May 10, 2011 / admin

South Street

The South Street independence flags to be taken down.

We are sorry to say but we have to take down the South Street yellow flags due to the rest of the town shop owners feeling excluded from that side of town.

We don’t want any fights to occur within town.
This option is safer for the town.

Sorry. Thanks

May 10, 2011 / admin


Boots will be turned into a tattoo shop as people have to travel out of town to get tattoos.